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Proposed Noise Mitigation

The construction of noise mitigation measures along the SWCRR is determined by the Province’s guidelines, which require that road noise be addressed if it reaches higher than a 65 decibel average over a 24-hour period. If noise is expected to be above this threshold, then KGL is required to construct a barrier during the construction period.

KGL undertook a noise modelling study to determine where measures may be required along the project corridor to meet these guidelines. The maps below show the proposed locations of the noise mitigation. During the winter of 2019, KGL expects to finalize the design for the mitigation measures, which will include determining the type (berm or wall), length, height and other specifications.




Once the roadway is open, Alberta Transportation will be doing a noise monitoring study to confirm that noise levels are not exceeding Provincial guidelines.

Additional information about noise mitigation can be found in the FAQ.