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Noise Modelling Study

SWCRR – Noise Impact and Mitigation Heat Map (July 2020)


  • Predict future traffic noise at residences along the SWCRR
  • Identify locations where noise may exceed project criteria
  • Evaluate noise mitigation options


  • Measurements taken at four locations along the project corridor with existing road traffic noise
  • Traffic volumes, classifications and speeds were recorded
  • Future noise levels predicted using NMPB-Routes-1996 standard in computer software (Cadna/A 2017), considering the baseline monitoring to maximize prediction accuracy

Next Steps:

  • KGL is evaluating design elements, including types of mitigation (walls or berms), locations and construction timelines


Elbow River Bridges 

Elbow River Bridges – Update for Discovery Ridge
August 18, 2017
Concerns have been raised with the design of the bridge through the Elbow River Valley by some residents of Discovery Ridge. These concerns are largely related to the potential for flooding should another 2013-level flood take place. Alberta Transportation wants to reassure the community that in no case does the community of Discovery Ridge receive a back-water flooding effect due to the currently proposed bridge design.
SWCRR Elbow River Backwater Effect
City of Calgary Elbow River Bridge Crossing

Parsons Inc.

Segment 1, Elbow River Drainage Report, Bridges 28 (82468 N), 29 (82468 S) & 30 (82468 WSR)
Elbow River Drainage Model Comparison
HEC-RAS Summary

Klohn Crippen Berger

Assessment of the Elbow River Bridge Structures Impact on Glenmore Dam
City of Calgary Elbow River Bridge Crossing
Hydrotechnical Assessment Report
November 2015