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Noise Attenuation Measures

The construction of noise mitigation measures along the SWCRR is determined by the Province’s guidelines, which require that road noise be addressed if noise levels reach higher than a 65 decibel weighted average over a 24-hour period.

KGL completed a noise modelling study to determine where measures are required along the project corridor to meet these guidelines. The study was also used to determine the type (berm or wall), length, height and other specifications for the noise attenuation measures.

Construction of noise attenuation measures is anticipated to begin mid-February 2021 and continue until complete.

Installation of noise attenuation measures will occur in three construction phases:

  1. Pile Foundation Installation
  2. Noise Wall Panel Installation
  3. Finishing, Painting & Cleanup

Residents nearby may notice construction noise and construction equipment traffic. All phases of work are scheduled for completion by the end of 2021.

During the operating period Mountain View Partners will implement additional noise mitigation measures should the thresholds be exceeded.

Additional information about noise attenuation is included below and in the FAQ.

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