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Outdoor Classroom for Bowcroft Elementary School

June 21, 2018

On Canada Day, Alberta Transportation, Mountain View Partners, and KGL Constructors partnered with Bowcroft Elementary School and local artist Dale Kastelen to provide rocks for an outdoor classroom. The goal was to create an outdoor learning space where students and a teacher could gather, with students facing inwards towards their instructor.

KGL staff arranged a site tour for Kastelen, a rock sculptor by trade, to carefully choose the perfect rocks for the project. For Kastelen’s vision to come true, the boulders had to be the right height for the students and, of course, be relatively smooth to sit on during the learning experience.

The excavator selecting rocks in the Transportation Utility Corridor


A total of eleven rocks were selected, loaded onto a flatbed truck with a KGL excavator and transported to Bowcroft Elementary School in northwest Calgary.

The excavator and rocks arrive at Bowcroft Elementary School


At the school, the ground was softened by the excavator, providing a level surface for the future outdoor classroom’s seating. One by one, the excavator lifted the rocks over the schoolyard fence to their new home.

KGL staff spent the next few hours adjusting the rocks to the ideal position. The flattest surface was placed facing upwards, creating two rows for students to use come the start of the new school year.

The excavator next to the newly placed rocks


Throughout the summer Kastelen will continue to work on the classroom. The boulders will be shaped, smoothed and adjusted to ensure the seating area maximizes comfort for the outdoor class time that students can look forward to.

Student rocks facing towards the teacher rock


Students at Bowcroft Elementary School are no strangers to outdoor learning activities. The new classroom will complement the already-existing garden, dry river bed and stone labyrinth. Alberta Transportation, Mountain View Partners and KGL are proud to be contribute to the next step in this school’s commitment to education and enjoyment of the outdoors.

The garden, labyrinth and outdoor classroom at Bowcroft Elementary School


Representatives from KGL Constructors and artist Dale Kastelen