Construction Updates

Highway 8 to 37 St SW

October 2017

Utility Work near Highway 8 and 69 Street S.W.
October 30 to December 22, 2017
KGL Constructors will be installing water and sanitary lines around the intersection of Highway 8 and 69 Street S.W.


24-Hour Earthworks from 90 Avenue to Elbow River
October 11 to December 15, 2017
KGL Constructors will be carrying out temporary, 24-hour earthworks operations in the Transportation Utility Corridor from an area near 90 Avenue S.W. to the Elbow River valley.


September 2017

Stripping Area near North Gravel Site
September 29, 2017
KGL Constructors will start stripping topsoil at the south end of the gravel site to place stockpiles.This area was included as part of the original operating plan for the gravel site and the stripping work was deferred until the fall of 2017.


August 2017

Elbow River Bridges – Update for Discovery Ridge
August 18, 2017
Concerns have been raised with the design of the bridge through the Elbow River Valley by some residents of Discovery Ridge. These concerns are largely related to the potential for flooding should another 2013-level flood take place. Alberta Transportation wants to reassure the community that in no case does the community of Discovery Ridge receive a back-water flooding effect due to the currently proposed bridge design.
SWCRR Elbow River Backwater Effect
City of Calgary Elbow River Bridge Crossing
Technical Documents


July 2017

Start of Earthworks near Cullen Creek
July 28, 2017
KGL Constructors will commence construction near Cullen Creek in the first week of August.


Parking area near Cullen Creek (along Highway 8)
July 18, 2018
Closure Notice


Asphalt Plant near Highway 8
July 7, 2017
KGL Constructors is setting up an asphalt plant south of Highway 8 in the Transportation Utility Corridor, near the future intersection of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road  and Tsuut’ina Parkway


May 2017

Start of Crushing Operations at North Gravel Site
May 30, 2017
KGL have moved crushing equipment into place and will be starting crushing at its north gravel site near the intersection of Old Banff Coach Road and 101 Street S.W. in the next few days


Pile Driving in the Elbow River Area
May 15, 2017
KGL Constructors will be driving piling for the new interchange south of Sarcee Trail and for the bridges in the Elbow River area


April 2017

Parking area at the Elbow Valley Constructed Wetland
April 4, 2017
Closure Notice


March 2017

Update on Gravel Pit & Haul Road
March 27, 2017
KGL Constructors will be developing the gravel pit in the Transportation Utility Corridor south of Old Banff Coach Road S.W.


Start of Elbow River Channel Realignment Works
March 17, 2017
KGL will be starting preliminary works related to the Elbow River channel realignment near future bridge structures.


Site Clearing along Highway 8
March 14, 2017
KGL will be clearing vegetation from the road right-of-way along Highway 8, from 101 Street S.W. to approximately a kilometre west of Lott Creek Boulevard/Clearwater Drive.


February 2017

Earthworks in the Elbow River Area
February 14, 2017
KGL will be carrying out earthworks in the Transportation Utility Corridor around the Elbow River to prepare for the construction of future bridge structures.